Celebrating Three Years of FP2020 Progress

July 15, 2015

Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) launched their new 'Rights in Action' blog series to commemorate the third anniversary of the London Summit on Family Planning and the creation of FP2020. The blog series celebrates the longstanding work and dedication of their global partners in upholding the principles of rights and empowerment in family planning.

"Progress is not just about whether we reach our shared goals – it’s about how we reach them. Progress is about raising our collective voices to ensure that the health, rights and dignity of women and girls—including the ability to decide if and when to start a family—are central to the conversation."

The 10-day blog series will highlight each of the 10 FP2020 Rights and Empowerment Principles for Family Planning. The series brings to life how some of their partners have implemented these rights-based principles in their work around the world, and what rights-based approaches look like in practice.