Female Community Health Volunteers in Nepal: 2014 Survey Results and Steps Going Forward

August 03, 2016

APC, in partnership with the Nepal Ministry of Health and Population, conducted the 2014 Nepal Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) National Survey funded by USAID, UNICEF and Save the Children. The survey collected updated information on FCHV work profiles, the services they provide, and the support they receive from different levels of the health system. In addition, the survey set out to understand FCHV motivational factors, and how FCHVs are perceived by the communities that they serve. The ultimate goal of the survey was to identify possible suggestions for policy change or other strategies to sustain the FCHV program in Nepal.

The following presentation and slidedoc summarize the results of the recent Nepal FCHV National Survey and provide a more in depth look at what those results mean for the future of the country’s community health system.