World Health Worker Week 2018

April 01, 2018 to April 07, 2018

World Health Worker Week is an opportunity to mobilize communities, partners, and policy makers in support of community health workers (CHWs). Advancing Partners and Communities (APC) recognizes and celebrates the life-saving contributions of CHWs around the world. APC has been working to advance global leadership in community health, support policies and programs surrounding community health workers and ultimately improve health outcomes. Join us as we raise awareness of the challenges that health workers face every day and honor their commitment to their communities' health and well-being.

Spotlight on Health Workers

Sierra Leone

Jennifer Duncan, Mental Health Nurse (PDF, 855 KB)

Photo of Jennifer Duncan
Photo: Penelope Riseborough/JSI

Jennifer Duncan is a mental health nurse at Connaught Hospital in Freetown, Sierra Leone. She trains other nurses at health facilities in basic mental health awareness and has trained more than 100 health care workers in psychological first aid and referrals.


Photo of Believe

Believe Semakor, HealthKeepers Network
Believe Semakor has learned a lot about family planning from the HealthKeepers Network, where she has worked for almost two years as a CHW.

Photo of Peace

Peace Kpodo, HealthKeepers Network
Peace Kpodo, a CHW with HealthKeepers Network, provides services including education on family planning; dispelling myths and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS; and promoting and selling family planning commodities.

Photo of Amina

Amina Amidu, HealthKeepers Network
Amina Amidu is a smart and hardworking young lady who works with the Kayayei (Head Porters) Youth Association in Agbogbloshie, a suburb of Accra. She joined the HealthKeepers Network after learning about it from the leader of the Youth Association.

Photo of Francis

Francis Amenuve, HealthKeepers Network
Francis Amenuve is a HealthKeeper and a subsistence farmer. He attributes his success in getting people to adopt practices that promote health by respecting their choices and privacy.

Photo of Peace

Peace Hene, HealthKeepers Network
Peace Hene hails from the Volta region of Ghana. She has been a volunteer health worker since 2012 and joined HealthKeepers Network about two years ago.

Dominican Republic

Learn more about how health care workers in a local HIV clinic are contributing to improved quality of HIV services for key populations.


APC grantee, World Vision Kenya, works to increase access to and use of voluntary family planning services through healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies (HTSP) messages in the Garba Tulla district in Kenya. Community health volunteers have been critical in reaching community members with messages about HTSP, reducing stigma and providing services and referrals for family planning.

Photo of Hussein Toure seated at work.
Hussein Toure has served as a nurse at the public dispensary in Barambate, a small community in northeastern Kenya. Photo: Kristen Devlin/JSI

Supporting Health Care Workers

Community Health Systems Catalog

APC’s Community Health Systems Catalog documents policy guidance across 25 countries deemed priority by USAID’s Office of Population and Reproductive Health in detailed profiles and data sets. APC recently updated the catalog to capture new and revised policies and expanded the content to include other health areas (nutrition; water, sanitation and hygiene [WASH]; maternal, newborn, and child health [MNCH]), in addition to the family planning and reproductive health services that it originally featured).

Infographic (click to view more) from the catalog.
Also view and download infographics from the catalog »

Video: Community Health Policy Matters

APC’s Community Health Policy Matters video tells the story of fictional characters Winnie and Mary, and how a fragmented health system affects each woman’s ability to access family planning services in her respective community. This animated video highlights how policy can improve the health system for women.

Video: Rebuilding Health Services in Post-Ebola Sierra Leone

This video showcases the work done in Sierra Leone to improve primary health care services at health posts and community levels. This video focuses on the efforts made to rebuild these services as part of the post-Ebola transition in the country.