From 2014 to September 2017, APC supported 11 local organizations in Haiti whose missions range from providing health care and outreach to specific populations—such as prisoners, disabled people, and schoolchildren—to distributing medical commodities countrywide. APC built organizational and staff capacity to ensure that grantees could implement operational and technical programs in alignment with their USAID award and deliver high ­quality services. Learn more about the full program.

May 02, 2018

APC's Erchell Tibel discusses challenges and strategies to strengthening the capacity of USAID-funded Haitian organizations.

HtW provides comprehensive care to the prisoners in Haiti’s National Penitentiary, women’s and children’s prisons for the purpose of first identifying, diagnosing, treating deadly and contagious diseases within the prison population and secondly to provide much needed education awareness in HIV/AIDS sexual prevention, Tuberculosis and in water sanitation.


In Haiti, APC is responsible for building organizational and staff capacity of Haitian organizations to ensure that grantees implement operational and technical programs in alignment with their USAID award and deliver high-quality services.

Country Profile

The Haiti country profile provides an overview of the community health system in Haiti according to the most up-to-date policies available.

Country Profile

This country profile is the outcome of a landscape assessment conducted by APC staff and colleagues. The landscape assessment includes specific attention to family planning with the purpose of collecting the most up to date information available on the community health system, community health workers, and community health services in country. These country profiles are part of APC's Community Health Systems Catalog, a resource intended for ministries of health, program managers, researchers, and donors. The catalog covers USAID priority countries for population and reproductive health and countries with a demonstrated interest in community-based family planning.

Health through Walls works with prison authorities in resource-poor countries to implement replicable and sustainable systems to develop their capacity to provide prisoners with meaningful health services such as medical screening, treatment, and discharge planning leading to continuity of care upon release. Our priority is the prevention, identification and treatment of infectious and contagious disease -- particularly HIV, AIDS, and tuberculosis.


USAID Haiti’s strategy is focused on increasing country ownership of Haitian public and private sector entities and partners for development within Haiti.