Award Period:
    October 01, 2015 to July 31, 2018

 Country: Guyana  |  Associated APC Country Office: Guyana

Community Health Matters Focus Area:

Artistes designs client-responsive interventions for MSM, sex workers and their clients at higher risk for HIV infection and transmission. Artistes will provide 3-5 of the services recommended as national standard for the minimum package of prevention services –outreach education, mobile testing and small group level HIV preventive interventions that are based on evidence and meet the minimum standards required prevention education. Artistes will target several points in the pathway to HIV infection, address major drivers of HIV epidemics among key populations with high impact practices, including bi-directional referrals to a continuum of services. Their approach also integrates respect and observance of the rights of MSM, TG and FSW. The integration of supports for Domestic Violence and the building of healthy relationship within MSM and TG unions suggest promising outcomes in reducing HIV vulnerability.

Keywords: Guyana,