Award Period:
    May 01, 2017 to June 30, 2018

 Country: Guinea  |  Associated APC Country Office: Guinea

Community Health Matters Focus Area:

IMC is working to reduce or eliminate the risk of Ebola transmission from survivors to others and to ensure access to, and effective delivery of, health care and psychosocial services for survivors within three regions of Guinea: Conakry, Kindia and Nzérékoré, serving 952 survivors. IMC supports APC Guinea through three pillars of the SA-Ceint Strategy: (1) the survivor platform, (2) case management, and (3) biological follow-up components. The program will be implemented through a system of trainings, community engagement, capacity building, and technical support to EVD survivors. The program is designed to address gaps in multiple areas of the health system and communities weakened by EVD.

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