sexual and reproductive health

Through a grant awarded under Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), DKT International plans to expand access to short-term FP methods and condoms through community-based service delivery. DKT Ghana will advertise on local radio stations and distribute products in the majority of existing private sector local outlets. These outlets include pharmacies, chemical shops, gas station shops, and supermarkets, as well as non-traditional outlets such as drinking spots, female sex worker (FSW) meetings locations, university residence halls, and NGOs.

DKT International is a non-profit that promotes family planning (FP) and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing. DKT International’s Ghana initiative uses two social marketing strategies to address the unmet need for FP. The organization drives demand by brand building using mass media and non-traditional communication. DKT also increases commodity security through the distribution of high quality, affordable contraceptives.

Agape Network began their work to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in the community of Sophia in Georgetown, Guyana. Agape Network takes a family centered approach, offering care and support services to people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their families. Separate services are available for orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) such as home-based care, after school program support, and counseling. Adults receive psychological and nutritional counseling services, social support, and referrals.


This website offers free e-learning courses for public health professionals on Gender and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Gender and Health Systems Strengthening.


This website provides a list of resources that aim to prevent unsafe abortion and provide sensitive and appropriate postabortion care for adolescent clients.


This publication describes the TESFA project in Ethiopia. TESFA is a three year project funded by the Nike Foundation that works to improve economic, and sexual and reproductive health outcomes for ever‐married adolescent girls in Ethiopia.


This mapping study sheds light on the opportunities and barriers faith-based organizations face working on sexual and reproductive health.


The toolkit provides descriptions of high-quality, adult- and youth-led curricula designed to improve youth sexual and reproductive health, with a goal of offering youth-serving organizations user-friendly educational resources that can be used in a variety of program settings.


This magazine discusses how communities face two interconnected crises—how to protect their health and the environment they depend on. The problems are complex. And Pathfinder is up to the challenge.


This brief provides an overview of the need to focus on providing sexual and reproductive health information to VYAs as the research suggests that adolescents are becoming sexually active sooner than originally thought.