sexual and reproductive health

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Since early adolescence marks a critical transition between childhood and older adolescence and adulthood, setting the stage for future SRH and gendered attitudes and behaviors, targeted investment in VYAs is imperative to lay foundations for healthy future relationships and positive SRH. This article advocates for such investments and identifies roles that policy-makers, donors, program designers and researchers and evaluators can play.


This is an initiative to advance innovation and quality in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights globally. The Youth Champions Initiative (YCI) will invest in visionary young champions who will lead the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) movement for the next generation.


This brief summarizes recommendations for reducing gender-related barriers to microbicide access and use, based on analyses in Kenya and South Africa.

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This journal article documents how the receipt of postabortion care varies by client age. Descriptive data were collected from clients, providers, and eight health facilities in Kenya's Central and Nairobi provinces to examine receipt of PAC services by client age, client satisfaction, and provider attitudes. Note: A subscription is required to view the full text.


This brief outlines ways that mobile technology can be used to improve young people’s access to sexual and reproductive health information and services.


This brief reviews various types of “economic empowerment” approaches, discusses promising programs and talks about next steps for this relatively new topic of the intersection of economic empowerment and youth SRH.


The purpose of the manual is to teach girls and boys ages 10-14 years about the changes they experience as they approach puberty, and share information in objective and reassuring terms. What youth learn from this intervention can help them become more self-confident, practice good health habits, and gain a positive self-image that contribute to their future sexual and reproductive health.


This document, based upon an initial “Planning for Life” Project Launch and Technical Workshop that took place in New Delhi, India in September 2007, provides a strategic framework for youth reproductive health (YRH) and family planning (FP) and its integration into youth development programs.


This proposal seeks to make a significant contribution to the efforts already underway in several locations to optimize health care, including sexual and reproductive health promotion and care with a gender perspective that explicitly approaches HIV and other STIs as problems requiring immediate attention.

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This journal article aimed to evaluate an intervention whose goal was to improve the counseling and contraceptive uptake of PAC patients, with special attention given to the needs of adolescent patients, in the four public hospitals in the Dominican Republic where PAC services were not being routinely offered. Note: A subscription is required to view the full text.