Ocular Complications in Survivors of the Ebola Outbreak in Guinea

This article follows 341 patients for a year after being in the hospital for EVD. Of these, there were 46 cases of uveitis, six of episcleritis, and three of interstitial keratitis. Uveitis relapses were found as late as 13 months after a negative test for EV in the blood.

Hereth-Hebert E, Bah MO, Etard JF, Sow MS, Resnikoff S, Fardeau C, Toure A, Ouendeno AN, Sagno IC, March L, Izard S, Lama PL, Barry M, Delaporte E; Postebogui Study Group. American Journal of Ophthalmology. (March 2017), 175:114-121.