Putting Communities First: The Legacy of USAID's APC Project

Watch the Advancing Partners & Communities (APC's) compilation video on our work over the past seven years (2012-2019) in community health.

The USAID-funded APC provided global leadership for community-based programming, managed a large sub-award program, and worked/supported/engaged with local organizations to help conduct more effective health programs. APC programs focused on four main areas—community-based family planning, HIV and AIDS, post-Ebola recovery, and vulnerable populations, which include children in adversity, people with disabilities, and victims of war.

APC leveraged the capacity of organizations and individuals at all levels—in communities, within national health systems, and globally—to create programs that generated mutual learning and inspired local initiative. In each country and setting, APC designed its programs in the context of local communities and cultivated partnerships to build the capacity of local NGOs and individuals as champions for change.

APC was implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. in partnership with FHI 360.