New Video and Infographic Highlight the Importance of NGOs in HIV Prevention and Treatment

May 24, 2018

In Guyana, where more than 8,400 people are living with HIV and AIDS, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) play a critical role in the fight against HIV and AIDS. In 2016, NGOs conducted 31 percent of the country’s HIV testing, making them an important partner in the country’s efforts to reduce the rate of transmission. NGOs also provide up to 50 percent of all services for people living with HIV.

NGOs are supported by the National Coordination Coalition (NCC), an umbrella organization that advocates for NGOs, mobilizes funding, builds capacity, and provides coordination among its members. The NCC was founded in 1999 to enhance collaboration among NGOs working with HIV and AIDS and has since expanded its work to include other health and social problems.

In a new video and infographic (PDF, 2.7 MB), NCC underscores the high impact of NGOs in the communities and the value of investing in NGOs. NCC currently operates through the three-year USAID-funded Guyana Civil Society Leadership project within the Volunteer Youth Corps, which ends in 2018. Learn more at

Watch the Video

The video, "Helping NGOs Support Guyana’s National Agenda for Health and Social Issues," is available on APC's Vimeo account or by using the players below.

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