Post-Ebola Recovery Toolkit

This toolkit is a resource for organizations and individuals involved in recovery efforts in the period following an infectious disease outbreak, such as the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa in 2014-2016. Its goal is to provide governments, donors, NGOs, and survivor groups with guidance and templates for responding to issues related to health systems recovery after a major outbreak. Comprised of multiple resources, the toolkit includes best practice and lessons learned documents, tools and templates, and research articles, as well as videos, technical briefs, and success stories presented as examples of the recovery work conducted by the USAID-funded Ebola Transmission Prevention & Survivor Services (ETP&SS) program in 2016-2018, which was implemented by the Advancing Partners & Communities Project and managed by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. The toolkit contains a compilation of learnings from the ETP&SS programs in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, the three countries most affected by the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak. View the brochure for this toolkit in English and French

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About the Ebola Transmission Prevention & Survivor Services Program

Launched in 2016, ETP&SS assisted the governments of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone build resilient and self-sustaining health systems to prevent future outbreaks. The program also works with ministries of health, nongovernmental organizations, and faith-based organizations to improve access to health care services, especially specialty services, for Ebola survivors.