The work of Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) spans across a wide spectrum of health areas, addressing reproductive health; maternal, newborn, and child health; HIV and AIDS; and community health systems, along with strengthening gender programs and youth initiatives—with community-based family planning as a particular focus. APC advances global learning in community-based programming, executes and manages small- and medium-sized sub-awards for USAID, and supports procurement reform by building the organizational and technical capacity of organizations. The projects grant mechanism and capacity building assistance can be used to strengthen local nongovernmental organizations. APC has a specific focus on conducting strategic solicitations for family planning programs to test innovations, conducting pilots, and expanding community-based services.

Generic Grantee Guidance Materials

Thumbnail image of one of APC's Grantee Guidance doc

APC has written these materials for organizations that receive USAID funding and need assistance meeting the funding requirements and compliance of USAID. Each document describes a step in the grant recipient process following award signing. 

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