Grantee Guidance Package

Photo of a mother holding her childPhoto: Jane Silcock/USAID

These generic grantee guidance materials are for organizations that receive U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funding and need assistance meeting the funding requirements and compliance for USAID. The guidance materials will be especially helpful for organizations who have not received USAID funding in the past. 

How to Use 

The generic grantee guidance package includes subawardeee guidance for start-up and workplanning, co-branding strategy and marking plan, performance monitoring plan, family planning compliance monitoring plan, USAID gender compliance, and USAID environmental compliance. Each document describes a step in the grant recipient process following award signing and will need to be used in guidance with the individual award document to ensure that individualized scopes are met. 

1. Subawardeee Guidance for Start-Up and Workplanning

This document provides important information for USAID funding recipients to begin implementing projects in accordance with the subaward agreement. The guidance covers key steps to be completed during project start-up and how to create a project workplan.

2. Co-Branding Strategy and Marking Plan Guidance for Subaward Recipients

This guidance document details the specific USAID branding and marking requirements and provides an explanation of how to complete your project’s branding and marking plan to ensure that you meet these requirements.

3. Subawardee Guidance for the Performance Monitoring Plan

This document provides USAID award recipients with information to aid in the development of their respective performance monitoring plans. 

4. Family Planning Compliance Monitoring Plan for Subaward Recipients

This document serves to provide information on United States Government family planning (FP) legislative and policy requirements, and to provide recipients of USAID funds with the requirements and resources to develop a FP Compliance Monitoring Plan.

5. Subawardee Guidance for USAID Gender Compliance

This document explains what is meant by USAID Gender Guidance and will help subaward recipients meet USAID guidelines for integrating gender into all programming supported by USAID.

6. USAID Environmental Compliance Guidance for Subaward Recipients

This document provides guidance for organizations that are recipients of USAID funds on how to meet the USAID Environmental Compliance requirements.