International Conference on Family Planning

November 12, 2018 to November 15, 2018

APC plans to attend and present during several sessions at the 5th International Conference on Family Planning this November in Kigali, Rwanda. APC staff and representatives will join others in the family planning community to share best practices, recognize achievements, make renewed commitments to family planning, and chart a course forward. Join us as we contribute, learn, and celebrate this year’s theme, "Investing for a Lifetime of Returns."

Side Events

Closing the Gap: Addressing Family Planning at the Community Level

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Breakfast will begin at 7:00 AM, and the program will be between 7:30 and 8:30 AM.
Location: Lemigo Hotel (near the Convention Center) in Kigali, Rwanda

Opening speaker: Edna Adan, Former First Lady/Foreign Minister of Somaliland
Moderator: Martyn Smith, Managing Director at FP2020, UN Foundation
Panelists: Peter Kaddu, Living Goods; Yvette Ribaira, JSI/APC; TBD, Community Health Worker
Closing speaker: TBD

Integrating maternal health services and family planning into community health programs is imperative to achieve the World Health Organization’s main goal of Universal Health Coverage. Through this co-hosted event, we will hold a panel discussion and Q&A focused on the increasing access to family planning by strengthening community health systems. Panelists will share their diverse examples of their organizations’ successful strategies for closing the gap for family planning.

People and Our Planet: Harnessing Innovative Partnerships Across Generations (PRB, PSN, JSI, JHUCCP)

Date & Time: November 14th - 18:30-20:00
Location: KCC MH3
Registration: Public

This event will raise awareness of how Population, Environment and Development (PED) can contribute to attaining the SDGs, as well as enhance equity for last mile communities, in alignment with FP2020 goals. The event will inform ICFP attendees about the value of including family planning and reproductive health in other development sectors in holistic ways.

Primary & Partner(s) Organizations: Population Reference Bureau with the Population and Sustainability Network, John Snow Inc., Knowledge for Health (K4Health), and Population Council.

Photo of Veronique Honfo
Véronique Honfo, a beneficiary on Sayana Press, at the Calavi Community Health Center just outside Cotonou, Benin on June 25, 2018. (Photo by Joshua Yospyn/JSI)

Oral Presentations

Introducing and scaling up a quality improvement collaborative for community-based family planning: a process evaluation of a health system-wide improvement network in Uganda
Leigh Wynne, Fred Miburu

Poster Presentations

Which family planning methods can community health workers provide? Policy data from 25 countries
Kristen Devlin, Tanvi Pandit-Rajani, Kim Farnham Egan
Poster Session 7: Thursday, November 15, 8:00-11:00
Location: Auditorium Terrace

The next frontier for community-based family planning: Drug shops provision of injectable contraception
Leigh Wynne, Fred Miburu
Poster Session 2: Tuesday, November 13, 11:30-14:30
Location: Auditorium Terrace

(WellShare) Results from capacity building of health workers to offer adolescent-friendly family planning services among youth ages 10-24 in Uganda
Leigh Wynne, Laura Wando
Poster Session 4: Wednesday, November 14, 8:00-11:00
Location: Auditorium Terrace

From non to oui: how advocacy accelerated introduction of community-based family planning services in Benin
Tishina Okegbe, Jean Affo, Leah Elliot
Poster Session 2: Tuesday, November 13, 11:30-14:30
Location: Auditorium Terrace

Introduction du DMPA-SC Sayana Press par l'intermédiaire des agents de santé communautaires au Bénin
Jean Affo, Tishina Okegbe, Florence Djihoun, Gaston Ahounou
Poster Session 2: Tuesday, November 13, 11:30-14:30
Location: Auditorium Terrace

Photo of Sayana-Press brochures on a stack of materials.
A brochure for Sayana Press at the Department of Maternal and Child Health on the grounds of the Ministry of Health in Cotonou, Benin, on June 25, 2018. (Photo by Joshua Yospyn/JSI)

Flash Presentations

Emanzi – a proven affective male engagement intervention designed for scale
Leigh Wynne, Fred Miburu
Flash Speed Round 2.4.7 (Male Involvement in FP)
Wednesday, November 14, 16:20-17:40
Location: Atrium 1

(WellShare) Expanding community-based family planning programs to include emergency contraception
Leigh Wynne, Laura Wando, Fred Miburu
Flash Speed Round 1.1.15 (Task Sharing and Task Shifting to Expand Access to FP)
Tuesday, November 13, 10:25-11:45
Location: MH3

Assessment of a pilot project to introduce community-based provision of injectables in Benin
Tishina Okegbe, Faustin Onikpo, Karen Katz, Jean Affo, Odilon Hounyo
Flash Speed Round 2.4.12 (Community-based Approaches)
Wednesday, November 14, 16:20-17:40
Location: MH3

Photo of a couple with a young child seated outside in their village.
Mashoudou Mari, 35, sits with his wife Komkpa Boni, who is 25 and uses a contraceptive implant called Jadelle, and their youngest of three children, who are 2-, 4-, and 8-years-old, in the village of Yapagbe near Tchaourou, a city 385 kilometers north of Cotonou, Benin on June 28, 2018. (Photo by Joshua Yospyn/JSI)

Panel Participation

Se réengager dans la santé population environnement à Madagascar, quelles contributions de la planification familiale. (French speaking)
Yvette Ribaira, Maafaka Ravelona
Tuesday, November 13, 14:35-15:55
Location: Club 3

Research to Practice: A one-year randomized controlled trial comparing continuation rates of self-administered versus provider-administered DMPA-SC in Malawi
Holly Burke
Preformed Panel 3.1.6 (Self-Injection of DMPA)
Thursday, November 15, 10:25-11:45
Location: MH2