Celebrating Family Planning Achievements in Uganda

June 19, 2019
Photo of the interactive session at the APC Uganda end of project event.
World Café table on Evidence informed transformative innovations for family planning from APC Uganda’s end of project learning event. Photo by Leigh Wynne, FHI 360.

Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) supports programs that strive to improve the overall health of communities. Over the past five years the USAID-funded APC project, which is implemented in Uganda by FHI 360, worked to decrease unintended and mistimed pregnancies by expanding access to and use of voluntary family planning (FP) services. Since October 2017, APC Uganda has focused on two key objectives:

  • Strengthening country leadership and coordination for FP programs.
  • Creating a framework to transform social norms that increase demand for and use of modern contraception.

APC Uganda recently convened an end of project learning event and site visit on June 19-20, 2019, at Hotel Africana in Kampala and Buyende district respectively. The objective of the event was to share project achievements, lessons learned, challenges and recommendations with the Ministry of Health (MoH), donors, and implementing partners. This was done through a lively, interactive platform that gave participants the opportunity to interact directly with program beneficiaries. The events were well attended with around 140 participants at each ranging from USAID Mission representatives, implementing partners, stakeholders, MoH officials, other donors, and policy makers.