APC provided technical, financial, and logistical support for systems implementation, training, supportive supervision and mentoring, and data quality improvement and information use. The project developed and implemented data systems, built capacity within the health workforce to use and maintain data, and connected health facilities with networking equipment.

Hawas Health Center in Adama Town, Ethiopia, is bustling with activity as health workers prepare for the morning staff meeting. Negash Ali, head of the health center, meets with all case team members to discuss their daily plans before the center opens. With approximately 200 patients attending the clinic each day, Hawas is one of the area’s busiest facilities.


Download the infographic to learn more about APC's Health Management Information System (HMIS) Scale-up Project in Ethiopia. From 2014 to 2019, APC contributed to the development of the health information system by supporting systems development, capacity building, and networking in all regions of the country and within the Federal Ministry of Health.

June 11, 2019

The USAID-funded AIDSFree Project and the APC Health Management Information System (HMIS) Scale-Up Project held an event in Ethiopia to highlight their achievements in supporting digitization of Ethiopia’s health sector, which supports the Federal Ministry of Health’s (FMOH) Information Revolution agenda.


Learn more about APC's HMIS Scale-Up Project that supported the FMOH’s ongoing commitment to improving health through the Health Sector Transformation Plan’s Information Revolution agenda and was conducted in close collaboration with the FMOH, RHBs, ZHDs, WorHOs, and health facilities.


The Health Management Infomation system (HMIS) scale-up project in Ethiopia supports the Federal Ministry of Health's (FMOH's) ongoing commitment to Strenthen Evidence-based decision making and health system performance.

Fact Sheet

The Advancing Partners & Communities project is implementing a health management information system (HMIS) in Ethiopia through the USAID-funded HMIS/M&E Scale-Up Project, which began in 2009 to help the Federal Ministry of Health and the Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s and Oromia regional health bureaus scale up reformed HMIS and use of data for decision-making.


Electronic health management information system (eHMIS) is a facility-based data aggregation system that is used for public health-related decision-making.

Country Profile

The Ethiopia country profile provides an overview of the community health system in Ethiopia according to the most up-to-date policies available.

Country Profile

This country profile is the outcome of a landscape assessment conducted by APC staff and colleagues. The landscape assessment includes specific attention to family planning with the purpose of collecting the most up to date information available on the community health system, community health workers, and community health services in country. These country profiles are part of APC's Community Health Systems Catalog, a resource intended for ministries of health, program managers, researchers, and donors. The catalog covers USAID priority countries for population and reproductive health and countries with a demonstrated interest in community-based family planning.