New Family Planning Checklists Now Available as Apps

November 13, 2015

Photo of a young mother and child meeting with a doctor.

Through Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), FHI 360 has developed the first mobile phone applications based on the traditional paper-based Family Planning Checklists. The checklists provide health providers with important information in a simple and clear manner, to ensure that women are not denied essential family planning services due to inaccurate health assessments.

The apps were developed based on a set of five checklists as easy-to-use job aids for health care providers and community health workers to determine a client’s eligibility for initiating a family planning method. The apps are consistent with the 2015 medical eligibility criteria published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The Family Planning Checklist Apps are designed to screen women who want to

Graphics showing combined oral contraceptives, injectables, copper intrauterine devices, contraceptive implants and/or ruling out pregnancy

How to Download the Apps

To download the checklist as a native app on your phone or tablet, choose the appropriate link below and click on the "download" icon on your device. Once the app is downloaded, it can be accessed without an internet connection. To view or download the apps in French, set the locale of your device to "France."

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Top photo credit: A young mother receives family planning counseling at a local government facility in Nairobi, Kenya (Credit: John Kihoro/Tupange, courtesy of Photoshare)