capacity building


Watch a recent series of webinars where JSI shared experiences in the growing and diverse field of capacity development. These webinars cover topics such as connecting organizational and technical capacity, developing capacity through grants, and responding to shifting demands in capacity development.


Over 10 years, 43 Flexible Fund grantees implemented 66 projects in 32 countries and reached more than 18 million beneficiaries. This document delineates lessons learned and contributions from the project. 

Journal Article

This journal article aims to clarify key concepts in health system strengthening and describe the various components of the framework as applied in eye care interventions.


This publication is designed to assist NGOs to more effectively administer resources from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The guide aims to help USAID awardees (also referred to as grantees or recipients) clarify specific requirements, regulations, and compliance issues mandated by their agreements.


This toolkit from NPI-Connect is a compilation of sample manuals, forms, policies, and guidelines that were distributed amongst partners as guidance documents during the NPI program. The resources and tools included in this toolkit serve as examples for organizations to reference when creating organizational or project documents. These are not official templates. Organizations should adapt them according to the needs of their organization.


This is an easy-to-use resource to help NGOs manage a U.S. Government-funded project under a Cooperative Agreement with USAID. Designed to fill gaps in available compliance and capacity-building resources, each article responds to specific, frequently asked questions about how to navigate USAID rules and regulations.


This series was developed by NPI for organizations managing projects under a Cooperative Agreement. This resource builds on the popular NPI-Connect e-newsletters and also offers strategies to help strengthen an organization's systems and processes.


This guide was developed to be both a capacity-building tool and desktop reference. It was developed to fill a gap in available capacity-building resources to help NGOs effectively manage PEPFAR funds under the New Partners Initiative (NPI).


This WHO publication proposes the adoption or expansion of a task shifting approach as one method of strengthening and expanding the health workforce to rapidly increase access to HIV and other health services.