Country Profile

The Tanzania country profile provides an overview of the community health system in Tanzania according to the most up-to-date policies available.

Azalia has worked in his role as premium collector for 13 years, a role that involves not just collecting premiums, but also educating villagers about the CHF and the value in joining.

Winfrida Visulo has worked as midwife and nurse manager at the Itepula Dispensary in Mbozi district for 16 years.

Tumpe Mwakasungula has worked as a nurse midwife for 16 years in the Masukulu community of the Rungwe district and enjoys serving in the community.

Edson Timothy Mwakanyamale was active in volunteer and administrative economic activities for many years in the Busokelo district before the village elected him to serve as chairperson of the Community Health Fund Users Association (CHFuA) six months ago.

Leah Mwakinyuke always knew she wanted to be a nurse. She worked hard to overcome barriers to achieve her dream.


In 2015, the Government of Tanzania launched a process to design a new community-based health program. To support implementation of the new strategy and program, APC partnered with the JSI-led Community Health Systems Strengthening (CHSS) Project and the firm Matchboxology to pilot a human centered design approach to inform national policy and program development.

April 18, 2016

The Advancing Partners & Communities (APC) Project tested whether it was possible to use human-centered design (HCD) to bridge the gap between policy-making and implementation in Tanzania. HCD, originally used in private-sector applications, is gaining traction in global health as a way to stimulate problem-solving for social issues.


APC recognizes the importance of addressing the unique needs of adolescents and youth as part of a comprehensive approach to strengthening community health systems and programs. Read about current APC youth activities in Asia and the Middle East; Nepal; Tanzania; Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname; Uganda; and in building connections with faith-based organizations.

Country Profile

This country profile is the outcome of a landscape assessment conducted by APC staff and colleagues. The landscape assessment includes specific attention to family planning with the purpose of collecting the most up to date information available on the community health system, community health workers, and community health services in country. These country profiles are part of APC's Community Health Systems Catalog, a resource intended for ministries of health, program managers, researchers, and donors. The catalog covers USAID priority countries for population and reproductive health and countries with a demonstrated interest in community-based family planning.