Centre International de Développement et de Recherché (CIDR)

CIDR works in key sectors of development in Africa: local development and decentralization; business development in rural and urban areas; decentralized financial systems; health insurance and social welfare. Created in 1961, the International Center for Development and Research studies, designs, implements operations and programs of socio-economic development in respect of socio-cultural choices of populations.

Grants Received


    Award Period:
    March 01, 2015 to November 30, 2018

 Country: Tanzania  |  Associated APC Country Office: USA - Washington, DC

Community Health Matters Focus Area:

CIDR and its local partner organization, Health Insurance Management Services Organization (HIMSO), will implement a scaling up of the already existing program, known as Community Health Insurance Fund (CHIF), from two to four districts in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania. This will be accomplished by mobilizing private sector support, creating a Community Health Fund user Association (CHFuA) in each district, and building the capacity of HIMSO in technical and management capacities. The program demonstrates how private sector support can be mobilized for a bottom-up membership governed CHFuA on a region-wide basis. The project design mobilizes both local and international private sector resources for a bottom-up membership structure, which is in keeping with Tanzania’s long tradition of concern for equity and giving voice to citizens at the village level.

Keywords: Tanzania,