REDOVIH+ defends the rights of people living with or affected by HIV. The organization offers community and home-based care, secondary prevention, and advocacy through peer counselors and home visit specialists. REDOVIH+ provides HIV services for men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender individuals, integrated HIV services for sex workers, and other support services.

Grants Received

GM-0033: Improving HIV Services for Key Populations and Other Vulnerable Populations in Dominican Republic

    Award Period:
    January 01, 2014 to June 30, 2016

 Country: Dominican Republic  |  Associated APC Country Office: Dominican Republic

Community Health Matters Focus Area:

Through a grant awarded under Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), REDOVIH+ works in a consortium with Amigos Siempre Amigos (ASA), Batey Relief Alliance (BRA), and Movimiento de Mujeres Unidas (MODEMU) in the Santo Domingo, Monte Plata, and San Cristobal regions of the Dominican Republic. The Consortium works to improve HIV services for MSM and transgender individuals through training, personal development, community and social capital formation, and integrated HIV services for sex workers. REDOVIH+ holds meetings with community-based organizations in an effort to bring awareness to the situation of key populations and the services available.

Keywords: Dominican Republic, capacity building, HIV/AIDS, key populations, testing and counseling, vulnerable populations