Provision of Services

Health systems in resource-limited settings may not be prepared to provide specialty and sub-specialty services to survivors after an outbreak, and it may be necessary to improve specific aspects of service delivery within the public health system.

Priorities and Lessons Learned

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Journal Article
Ling EJ, Larson E, Macauley RJ, Kodl Y, VanDeBogert B, Baawo S, Kruk ME. Health Policy and Planning. 2017 Nov 1;32(suppl_3):iii40-iii47.

Harvard School of Public Health, JSI, and the Liberia MOH conducted interviews with 108 respondents to EVD in Liberia. They found that resilience improved more when prioritized by global and national actors compared to community leaders and local health actors. They concluded that full resilience has not yet been achieved and will take sustained collaboration across these sectors.

Tools and Training Materials

Assessment Tool

These tools are intended to supplement the above training and be used at health centers where EVD survivors are being treated. Tools include assessments for county or district health teams and clinicians, as well as a patient exit interview template and materials checklist.

National Guidelines and Policies


Guinea’s national policy on surveillance of its Ebola survivors, January 2016 through July 2018.

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