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DMPA-SC is an all-in-one injectable contraceptive that combines the drug and needle in the Uniject™ injection system. DMPA-SC is a low dose formulation of progestin-only contraceptive and contains 104mg of DMPA per 0.65ml dose. DMPA-SC is administered via subcutaneous injection (similar to insulin injections) and lasts three (3) months.


The purpose of this activity was to generate experience from a DMPA-SC self-injection pilot in the private sector to inform country and global learning, and to provide the Zambian MOH with operational recommendations for policy and program planning.

August 31, 2018

Read a blog by APC and APC grantee, ChildFund International, about a successful billboard campaign in Zambia used to help raise awareness around family planning and expanding the method mix. 

PATH focuses on activities that require urgent and immediate attention in preparation for the Technical and Market Lead (TML) official start and support a seamless transition to the TML mechanism.


Christian Connections for International Health has gathered statements about family planning, its history, and its current strengths and weaknesses in several countries of the Global South.

September 23, 2016

In Zambia, APC supported authorization for the national scale-up of Community Health Workers’ (CHW) provision of injectables after years of advocacy, multi-sectoral leadership and completion of a successful pilot study. The APC grantee ChildFund’s successful project in Zambia was one of the key factors influencing the government’s decision to allow trained CHWs to provide injectable contraception. This authorization will give women, especially those in rural, hard-to-reach areas, access to a safe and reliable family planning method and help Zambia reach its goal of increasing the modern contraceptive rate to 58% by 2020.

Country Profile

This country profile is the outcome of a landscape assessment conducted by APC staff and colleagues. The landscape assessment includes specific attention to family planning with the purpose of collecting the most up to date information available on the community health system, community health workers, and community health services in country. These country profiles are part of APC's Community Health Systems Catalog, a resource intended for ministries of health, program managers, researchers, and donors. The catalog covers USAID priority countries for population and reproductive health and countries with a demonstrated interest in community-based family planning.

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Through a grant awarded by Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), ChildFund plans to further develop Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives (CBA2I) programming In Zambia. Through the establishment of an economical and sustainable learning site, ChildFund will gather Zambian community representatives, as well as members from other countries and NGOs, to observe best practices for operating CBA2I programs.

ChildFund International is a Christian organization that sponsors children in need largely through monthly donations from individual sponsors. These donations are used to support the transition from extreme poverty for these children and their communities. In addition to their sponsorship program, ChildFund receives grants and donations to provide trainings and capacity building activities, health and education programs, emergency relief, and food distribution.